Development page for version 1b24

This build fixes the issue with Glims slowing down Safari after sleep. Happy new year.
We also fixed every memory leak we could identify, rewrote the installation procedure, and fixed crash
and issues that were reported.

  • Fixed - Safari slowing down after sleep
  • Fixed - Glims not loading after restart [confirmed]
  • Fixed - Cancel button not working in crash window [confirmed]
  • Fixed - Glims slowing down Safari after a few days [confirmed]
  • Fixed - Beach ball while using Safari search field [confirmed]
  • Fixed - Crash while using multiple Safari windows [confirmed]
  • Improved - Glims Agent

Thank you for all your support.

4.2 MB
Glims Version 1 Build 24 RC1

The updated uninstaller can be found at this link: Glims Uninstaller