Adding a new search engine to Safari

For this tutorial, we are going to add as a search engine to Glims.

First, I need to find out the search format for the site I want to add. The best way to do this is just to do a simple search on it.
So, in our case, I go to and type 'Glims' in the search box of the site.
The result in the address bar looks like this:

The search string for this site is followed by the query string.

Lets fill Glims's preferences. On the "Search Engines" panel in the Glims preferences, click the "Add" button.
You should see a window like this:

'Name' is the name of the search engine. In our case I used 'cuil'.
'Type' is used to differenciate between search engines and websites when looking at suggestions. So in our case, we want to choose 'Search Engine'.
'Query URL' is the string we grabbed before from the address bar. Type '#query#' at the place where the query string should be.
'Shortcut' is used to switch from/to search engines using key combinations. Let's leave it blank.
'Keyword' is the string to be used in the address bar. In our case, I defined it as 'cuil'. This let us type 'cuil' followed by a search term directly from the address bar. (cool hu?)

Ok so our window looks like this:

Thats it. Click "Add" and you are done.
You now have 'cuil' available as a search engine in the search field.

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